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Cube Of Takeru
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4th-May-2015 08:51 pm - Want: Takeru strap
I'm looking for this Sato Takeru phone strap!

So pretty much since this strap came out years ago, I've had it on my phone, and only now it seems to start to fall apart. It's kind of devestating me, so I'm wondering if anyone would happen to have one for sale? Or any of the other straps they made around the same time.

Please let me know. ^^ Thank you.
8th-Dec-2014 06:01 pm - hi!
does anyone have the eng sub/subbed vids of tokyo friend park II with bloody monday cast? thanks!
30th-Jun-2014 05:20 pm - Selling 'NOUVELLES' Photobook (2011)

Only flipped through it once
I bought it originally at $51 SGD

PM me your best offer!
Shipping from Singapore
14th-Jun-2014 06:37 pm - [Sale] Magazines
EXO ► 61
Hello! I'm selling a bunch of old magazines i need to get rid of STAT over at my journal!

There's Takeru in a lot of these so if you're interested, come take a look!

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8th-Feb-2014 06:02 pm - Photobook Sale

I'm selling 3 of Sato Takeru's Photobooks.


Shipping from Austria to worldwide, if interested please comment or pm me :) Payment only via PayPal!

HT DVD (I can’t find the t-shirt): USD25
Takeru single (from Princess Princess D): USD10
Photobook So Far So Good!: USD15
Photobook Nouvelles: USD20
Mei-chan no Shitsuji photobook: USD 15
Blood Monday Making of photobook: USD 12
Q10 book: USD12
Takeru 2010 calendar: USD 17
Takeru 2011 calendar: USD17
BECK bottoms: USD8
BECK Official Guide: USD15
J.J Magazine with BECK CAST: USD8
Takeru BOX (comes with a MUG, a mini spoon and a fork):  USD40
Takeru headband (same he used in HT DVD): USD 12
Candle (Takeru Festival 2010): USD 12
Takeru straps (the only thing that I've ever used): USD 20 for 4 of them
2 small pouchs (Takeru 21st birthday): USD15
Takeru cute DECO SEAL sticker : USD5
Takeru Festival 2009 sticker: USD5
Cleafiles: 7USD each, except for the one with the OWL, that’s USD10 (it’s a double clearfile)
Takeru Magazine LAST: USD 15
Takeru Magazine Plus 1 (comes with the cutest face towel): USD 20
Takeru Magazine Plus 2: USD 10
Takeru Magazine Plus 3: USD 10
Takeru Magazine Plus 4: USD 10
16th-Apr-2013 09:41 pm - Where to buy Takeru goods in Japan?
happy little baby ;u;

Hi! c: I'm going to Japan this July, so I was wondering, does AMUSE have a shop like Johnny's where they sell their official goods? The only store I know is their online shop. And there are idols shops to buy unofficial goods, but what about the official ones?

I'm really looking forward to buying Takeru goodies (especially official goods, but non-official ones are fine too!), so I'll be really grateful if anyone is willing to help c: thank you~

Amuse has released a Takeru-themed alarm clock app for smartphones.  It costs 530 yen.

Android market
iTunes app store

There is a Japanese review here (of the iPhone version) with some screenshots as well as a video.

Official English description (from the Android page):
This is an official alarm app of Takeru Satoh.
You can enjoy collecting photo in addition to use it as the alarm.
"TAKERU ALARM" contains 36 photos, and each photo appears on the gallery when you stop the alarm.
Collect all photo to complete your gallery!
Also contains 4 types of Takeru's voice to tell you the time.
If you enter your date of birth,Takeru will celebrate your birthday!!
*When the volume setting is set to silent, alarm will not sound.
20th-Mar-2013 04:06 pm - Selling takeru photobook
Selling @ SGD 45
Price is negotiable.
I ship from Singapore .
Meet-up is possible if your in Singapore .
PM if interested !

18th-Mar-2013 02:29 pm - Asian fandoms Spring Friending Meme
~Asian fandoms LJ Spring Friending Meme~
Asian fandoms LJ Spring Friending Meme
If you love the anything Asian come on over and make new friends!
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